The Vision of Nalandha Academy of Career Services (NACS) is to focus on Bridging skill gaps for entry level graduates, by designing the most appropriate training modules and delivering the courses at the door step of academic institutions.

Nalandha Academy of Career Services introduces a unique learning intervention thru its I2I Program that blends very carefully the relevant industry experience, soft skills and requisite technical knowledge that any global industry will look for in its new incumbents.

The leadership team of this company comprises very experienced professionals with strong background in IT, Manufacturing and other industries for 2 to 3 decades; and therefore they are capable of bringing in their expertise into the design and delivery of this new learning module.

More importantly, this team of professionals have joined hands with a common objective of contributing back to the industries which they belong to (which built their career too) by imparting their knowledge to the up-coming professionals of these industries. This should in a way, help the industries to compete in the global market and sustain world-class quality and efficiency thereby furthering the cause of the nation’s growth prospects.